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Jim Stenfeldt, Owner / Training Director

We are opening a new training school in Naperville, IL. on Monday night , April 2nd. The  location is at  the Auto Glass business, 26w 161 Plank Road, Naperville. Call 563-210 8556 to register. We will offer basic obedience and help people prepare for AAT work at Edward if that is a goal.


AAT-Animal Assisted Therapy Dog Screening andTraining, go to services and under therapy dogs for more information

As always, at the farm if the temperature is 20 degrees or colder class will be cancelled 

  Always feel free to call and check.


If you want a dog to behave like Grover, come train with us. 


Jim Stenfeldt has over 30 years of dog training experience, running classes, and working privately with owners.  He is a professional, not a hobbyist or dog fancier that only trains part-time or as a past time. 

Training a few dogs per year does not make you an expert. 

CM Academy has worked with over 100 breeds and successfully trains over 500 dogs each year.  Ask your trainer if they have dog training insurance, how many dogs they train per day, how many breeds, how many years they have been training, and how many different training methods they utilize.   

We don't tell you how you have to train, we educate you and give you options so you can decide which training method works best for you and your pet.  We have every piece of equipment available on the dog training market including head halters, clickers, and correction collars

We also sell trained pet dogs or trained therapy dogs. 

It's easier to build a puppy ---  than to fix a dog!



We offer management programs for Separation Anxiety and Aggression.

The package includes Behavior Assessment, Management Program, and follow ups.  


CM Academy is highly recommended by Scott County Animal Hospital. Check out this link to their website.


C.M. trains detection dogs for several companies (narcotics, firearms and explosives).  Go to International K-9 Operations 

C.M. Academy of Dog Training and Midwest Canine Academy screens, trains and  certifies Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs (AAT) for Edward Hospital and Professional Therapy Dogs for Linden Oaks located in Naperville, IL., Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, OSF St. Anthony's in Rockford, Palos Community Hospital in Palos Heights.back to top


            Group or Private Coaching 563-210-8556